Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tea For Two

I absolutley love hot tea.English breakfast tea is my favorite.It's a must have for my have tea and cake almost collect tea sets and have to buy one cup and saucer before leaving an antique store.All my cute ones are in storage so thought i would share pics from my favorite tea house in North Carolina.They have a wonderful english breakfast tea.unfortunatley thier clotted creme isnt as nice.Think it's to hot here most days for that kind of thing.But i try to get as close to the real thing as I can.I cant wait to go back.Thier sandwiches are the best.And everything is fresh.and I love that they use real tea with a strainer not a tea 
Just love this plate
I wanted to steal this little beauty of a cup.I love roses.
our cute tea pots
the sandwich was delicious and so were those giant raspberries.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Playlist

well I made a playlist but for some reason it isnt playing any of my songs.Getting frustrated.If anyone knows what I did wrong let me know.It has to be the link or something.I do love the kitty playlist though.

Cool Stuff From My Sister

Met up with my sister today,since we couldn't get together for Christmas.We exchanged our gifts today.She made me this cool Elvis pillow.Yes Elvis.who would have thought I love him?lol.Each side is different.Love the fringe.Never new my sister was so creative.So now that we both sew we can have fun making things.She also got me this lovely Patsy Cline record,well it comes with 2.Love it love.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Couldn't finish shopping without some kind of make up accesories.I love make up bags.found these cute ones at Rue 21.The leopard print one is mine of course and the Zebra print I got for my sister.Also got us each these cute animal print make up brush sets.

Holiday Fun

Also got a photo albumn for my holiday photos.I got this cute photo albumn when i got my books.Love the vintage post card style.Will be really good for when me and hubby go to Vegas for VLV Rockabilly weekender.

The Martini

This is the other book I got today called Martini.It has every kind of martini recipe.Looks like loads of fun.The best parts besides the great martinis is that it has history and quotes from actors and actresses from the 40's describing what a martini is to them.So took some pics.I love this book.Both books were $ 5.00 each.

Joan Crawford
Mae West.

Cocktails For Everyone

I'm one of those people who loves cook books Especially ones for mixed drinks.Went into this store called Ooops.what a cute name.must be for when I say Ooops i just spent more got two cool books for drinks.One is called The Pink Panther Cocktail Party.And  he was always so retro I had to have it.almost all drinks are pink so I will have a blast with this book.Here are some pics of it.I just love the illistrations.The other book is called Martini.

Friday, January 21, 2011


I think I have been un motivated for almost a year.I keep putting things off and just feeling like oh I will do it tomorrow.But I think today I am finally at that breaking point where enough is more all day in my pajamas when i'm not working,no more letting the laundry and other clutter pile up.I never had it feel this difficult before.It must be a depression and I just never looked at it as that.So just going to give myself a big push and get what needs to be done finished.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Thank you for nominating me for the stylish blogger award.I have to tell 7 things abut me so here it goes.

To nominate here is how to do it.
The conditions of this award are:
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1.I married my soul mate May 15th 2009.My husband is English and I have been obsessed with England and Europe since I was 8 years old.Here is me and my Husband in on our wedding day and Whitby England.

2.I absolutley love any kind of cake or cupcakes.I am beginning to think it's an addiction.I cant have my cake without my tea every day.Here is me having my late night tea and cake in Vegas.

3.I have a silly mini pin named Jetta.Here we are.

4.Can't party without a margarita.or Pink champagne.

5.I love food.I'm not to picky especially loaded hot dogs.

6. Rita Hayworth is my idol.Here are my favorite photos of her and photos of me as Rita.

7. I love fountains and always make sure I have pics taken with them.Poor

Here are some of my favorite blogs check them out.