Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Thank you for nominating me for the stylish blogger award.I have to tell 7 things abut me so here it goes.

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1.I married my soul mate May 15th 2009.My husband is English and I have been obsessed with England and Europe since I was 8 years old.Here is me and my Husband in on our wedding day and Whitby England.

2.I absolutley love any kind of cake or cupcakes.I am beginning to think it's an addiction.I cant have my cake without my tea every day.Here is me having my late night tea and cake in Vegas.

3.I have a silly mini pin named Jetta.Here we are.

4.Can't party without a margarita.or Pink champagne.

5.I love food.I'm not to picky especially loaded hot dogs.

6. Rita Hayworth is my idol.Here are my favorite photos of her and photos of me as Rita.

7. I love fountains and always make sure I have pics taken with them.Poor

Here are some of my favorite blogs check them out.


  1. Oh. .I always love a loaded hot dog too! :)

  2. Down south we put coleslaw on it to.i know that sounds sick but when i finally tried it,it was actually good,now when I go somewhere at the beach i make sure they put it on.though that one i was eating the chili wasnt very

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  4. Thanks,
    Cute pics.. My faves are the rita ones.. You look so glam... Mm m margaritas and you do always take pics at fountains.

  5. your welcome ladys.i dont know where my love of funtains came my poor hubby is always made to do a kissy one in know there will be