Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vintage Vanity

Was wondering what was your attraction to the era you love?wether it was from the 1800's to the Tacky 70' think the one I love most is the 40's because of my grandmother.She always played the andrews sisters and I remember looking at the albumn cover and loving thier hair styles.I think i was around 9 . was amazed by those big rolls in thier hair.then the movies we would watch.All I could think of is I want to be a movie star like that when I grew up.I was always in her make up though she didnt wear much.and her jewelry.i would get her heels out and walk around the


  1. I would say the style and beautiful hair.

  2. I'm wondering if anyone back then had bad skin apart from freckles.everyone always looked flawless.the pic I have as my blog photo is Ava Gardner.And she just looks amazing.I love her hair in that photo.

  3. well it was ava i changed the