Monday, February 28, 2011

In memory of Jane Russell *RIP*

Today is a sad day.The lovely Jane Russell has died.She was 89 years old.So sad that she is gone.
She got her start in Howard Hughes' film The Outlaw in 1943 and went on to worldwide fame. Her last film role was as Alabama Tigress in 1970's "Darker Than Amber."
Howard Hughes signed her to a seven-year contract in 1943. It took three years for "The Outlaw" to be released because censors objected to the display of her cleavage.
Over the years, she appeared in "His Kind of Woman," "The Las Vegas Story," "Gentlemen Marry Brunettes," "The Revolt of Mamie Stover," the flop "The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown," "Fate Is the Hunter" and "The Born Losers."
Russell was born Ernestine Jane Geraldine Russell in Bemidji, Minn. Her family later moved to southern California, and as a teen, she performed in plays at Van Nuys High School.

adding a video of Jane.What a gorgeous woman.We will miss you.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some Vanity

I love these videos.I watch them all the time.It's simple and innocent.Enjoy.

A girl can never have to much beauty

Having a quiet lazy Sunday.It's 235 in the afternoon and i'm still in my pajamas,flipping channels on the tv,and browsing the internet.I love tutorials,Got kind of bored since i have seen the same ones so thought I would share these clips of 1930's and 1940's hair.I guess it's good things are a bit easier on our hair these
Cute styles
I want an old perm machine just to have.Glad we dont do that mom used to.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Been having trouble with my little music player.It wouldnt play or it wouldn't load so I deleted it.Maybe I had to many songs or something.Oh well don't miss it at the moment.It was kind of getting on my nerves that some of the same songs would play over and over skipping my favorites.Need the quiet time for now.Been looking around other blogs joining the ones that really interest me.Everyone is so unique.I am really enjoying everyones blog that I follow.I'm stll learning how to put things up .But just want to thank those who visit.Feel free to say hello.I don't bite.xx

Friday, February 25, 2011

You say goloshes,my gran said rubbers

I remember when I was little my grandmother wore what she called Rubbers.And everytime she said it my cousin and I would giggle cuz we thought of something else.Anyway she had a pair of rain boots that you wore over your shoes.I believe I had some cuz I remember her yelling when we would go out."Don't forget to put your Rubbers on."lol.

Though we don't get loads of rain like england I still want a pair.Nothing is mpre annying then having to put boots on then bring your shoes when you can wear both and then take them off and hang your coat and leave the are a few I would like to have.
How cute are those with a flower.The cowboy boot not exxactly what I want but thought they would be fun with jeans and stomping puddles.

Marie Antoinette

Sitting here watching Turner Classic Movies this morning.Trying to motivate myself to fold clothes and tidy up.And I'm in a trance watching the 1938 version of Marie Antoinette.I haven't seen this one before.Not sure I like it as much as the one with Kirsten Dunst.So many sides to her life.But I love her anyway.I love the hair and clothing from that period.So much detail and perfection.I have watched the movie with Kirsten Dunst so many times I am surprised it isnt worn out.Poor hubby.I made him sit through it once.He I think this 1938 version I would have to watch a few times.The acting is kind of annoying but I am loving the costumes and hair and hats.And comparing her life from this film to Kirstens version.
According to history she never said" let them eat cake".Underground newspapers printed that up.
How cute is Kirsten?
I love this movie to bits.It's my favorite.Loads of cakes and goodies,with shoes and beauty.Perfect girlie movie.Enjoy the clip.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cat Claws In leopardprint

Decided to do my nails yesterday.And was going to do the traditional leopardprint but the goldie color i had way to much sparkle and it started getting gloopy,and I just knew it would be a mes.So luckily I had the colors similar to the print on this blog.Now i'm kind of weird when I paint my nails.I rarely paint the whole nail,and always do a french manicure style no matter what color I use.I think it's cuz I have such long fingers and I let my nails grow to the point where I can't dial a phone or type ect.And when I paint the whole nail they look like fake nails to I just do the tips.This design was fun.All you need is your clear coat,the colors you are using,and a nail art brush or toothpick,And a piece of paper.I had neither a brush or toothpick and while trying to figure out what to use that was small enough i thought the end of a bobby pin may work.It worked ok but each dipping it would dry and thicken on end so had to be careful.I defnatley am getting the nail art brush for the future,the thin brush works so much better.Anyway here they are.I will post my steps so you can try.Sorry they are a little blurry.I just couldn't get a clear shot and gave up.

You will need  a base coat or top coat,I used strong adhesion base coat by China Glaze,a pinky/purple color by Sally Girl.Black by Sally Girl.And A pink #912 by Stripe Rite.All available at Sally Beauty Supply.And a nail art brush,toothpicks work very good.I used a bobby pin and just stretched it open like a

First step.Apply base coat or top coat to clean nails.
Step two.Apply pink or purply pink to nail tips only.(like a French Manicure)
Step Three.Grab a piece of paper.I ripped an envelope in half.Dabble some of the black onto the paper with it's brush.Then I took my bobby pin and dipped it in the black.don't get to much.I dotted it on into half circles onto my nails.
Step four.Time for the pink stripe rite.I love this stuff.The brush is super thin and made it easy to do the designs.I just filled in the middle of the black hailf circles with this pink.sorry this pic is blurry
fnale step.Appy base coat to set.And all done.Cute little cat claws.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Give me a wedgie

I absolutley love wedgie shoes.They can be worn with any outfit and are so comfy.I have some like them but i really want the ones from Remix and Rocket Origionals.They are pricey but I plan on getting each pair I have my eyes on.My husband is probably going to start worrying already have 3 huge tubs of are some I must have.I want them in every color.
How cute are they with a flower.I love things like that on a shoe.
these are my favorites.
these are so adorable
I want to get these for hubby

Monday, February 21, 2011

I Love Bags

How could I post my outfits without bags.While looking for something to use as a background to lay my dress on for the photos I found in my moms hoarding room.Thats what I call it cuz it's a found these two bags.Now must find a dress or something cute to wear with them.
inside the bag.The material covers everything in the bag with pull ties and straps.That will keep people from stealing my big winnings at the slot machines and

What to Wear

Had sort of a crappy weekend.Having to work and deal with retail crazy people,my valentine package my hubby sent still hasn't arrived.So been sulking.So thought I would treat myself.With Vegas time quickly approaching I thought about I don't have anything to wear.Though hubby would disagree.With all the clothes ,shoes,and bags,ect I just dont understand that we always need new things,Especially shoes and help re vamp old outfits.I bought a new sundress for Vegas.And paired them with my heels.Not sure what ones to choose.And I'm sure I will buy new ones before seriously need to hit the antique stores and find a bust model so i can put clothes on laying my dress flat doesnt do it justice and can't get a good close has pleats and all.
I want these wedgies so bad.They are by Remix.They are expensive but I will have a pair and they will go cute with my dress.
I have had these leopard print capris for years and they were slightly to big.Now they going to wear them with my favorite wedge platfroms my friend Dora gave me.I believe these are my favorite shoes of all the ones I own.and  love the little cherries that dangle at my
I got this little sweater,or top last year at much as I like it I wondered what the heck I would wear with it.It's pretty bright
Ta da.Hubby got me these in Hot Topic last year when we went shopping.They were the last pair in the store,and thank goodness my size.And they were on sale for 7.00 dollars.I love them.
And to no surprise Hot Topic had hair clips to go with my shoes.hee hee.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ho Hum Friday

Been kind of busy today.It's payday so had to go the bank and run errands.Filed my taxes.Was excited to hear I am getting back way more than I expected.So will have plenty for a car and finishing immigration paperwork and hubby and me in Vegas.It will be nice to pay my bills off and stop worrying.The main thing is the car.I hate not having one.I feel trapped in a cage.Not to mention getting rides to work and having to wait on someone.This is what I want.My dream car.I saved this pic but so far no luck finding's so pink lady like.I would love it and  would love to hang my pink fuzzy dice and cherries from the mirror and my leopard print seat covers.Pink and leopard print,It would be so hot sexy.awwwww.xx