Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cat Claws In leopardprint

Decided to do my nails yesterday.And was going to do the traditional leopardprint but the goldie color i had way to much sparkle and it started getting gloopy,and I just knew it would be a mes.So luckily I had the colors similar to the print on this blog.Now i'm kind of weird when I paint my nails.I rarely paint the whole nail,and always do a french manicure style no matter what color I use.I think it's cuz I have such long fingers and I let my nails grow to the point where I can't dial a phone or type ect.And when I paint the whole nail they look like fake nails to I just do the tips.This design was fun.All you need is your clear coat,the colors you are using,and a nail art brush or toothpick,And a piece of paper.I had neither a brush or toothpick and while trying to figure out what to use that was small enough i thought the end of a bobby pin may work.It worked ok but each dipping it would dry and thicken on end so had to be careful.I defnatley am getting the nail art brush for the future,the thin brush works so much better.Anyway here they are.I will post my steps so you can try.Sorry they are a little blurry.I just couldn't get a clear shot and gave up.

You will need  a base coat or top coat,I used strong adhesion base coat by China Glaze,a pinky/purple color by Sally Girl.Black by Sally Girl.And A pink #912 by Stripe Rite.All available at Sally Beauty Supply.And a nail art brush,toothpicks work very good.I used a bobby pin and just stretched it open like a

First step.Apply base coat or top coat to clean nails.
Step two.Apply pink or purply pink to nail tips only.(like a French Manicure)
Step Three.Grab a piece of paper.I ripped an envelope in half.Dabble some of the black onto the paper with it's brush.Then I took my bobby pin and dipped it in the black.don't get to much.I dotted it on into half circles onto my nails.
Step four.Time for the pink stripe rite.I love this stuff.The brush is super thin and made it easy to do the designs.I just filled in the middle of the black hailf circles with this pink.sorry this pic is blurry
fnale step.Appy base coat to set.And all done.Cute little cat claws.


  1. these are awesome..great job,you out did yourself..looks like your profile background.
    now I got that song stuck in my head..*drinking rum and coca cola*

  2. Thank you.I'm going to do the regular print soon.I am having a ball playing around.