Friday, February 11, 2011

England vs.America

I have loved England since I was 8 years old.Never went there till 2001 I think.My dad was in the military and when I was 4 or 5 he was stationed to weisbaden Germany.And thats where the love of Europe began.We would drive to Italy every summer.My dads family is from Sicily and we would visit them when we went.I barely remember some things but I do remember Gondola rides and the leaning tower,and colliseum.Pizza with an over easy egg on went to France but i don't remeber it at all,Just the ride on the ferry.But I felt these places were where I was from.I didnt know I was never got to England,but remember my mom telling me they had a queen and I was always asking about her and wanting to go there.But never made it.But I always knew I would one day.One day we were in a store and an old guy heard my accent,I had a slight broken accent from being in Germany so I guess he heard the american and asked where I was from.I said I was from Germany.Well thats what I thought anyway.Well my dad heard me and corrected me that we were american.And said we were from america.I didnt remember and didnt know where that remember when we were on the plane back to America.I didnt want to leave and felt we were going to a strange place.And to this day I still feel i'm in a strange place and can't connect.When i was over  in England in August and had to leave I went through the same heartache I did when I left Germany.I have Family there and a Husband,so it's even more reason for me to want to be there.It's been 6 months and I still feel out of place here and can't relate to America.When I am in England I feel at home and at peace.I'm no longer moody,or sad,I am comfortable and happy.It's hard to explain.My husband is English and we are in a long distant marriage at the moment and we are doing our immigration stuff now.He is moving here..It will be better jobs here and cheaper homes so I hope america accepts our paperwork and approves cuz they sure are complicated and I am stressing out.And I get overwhelmed .But no matter if we live in America or England being together for good without back and forth trips will be worth all the fuss.
My sister,me and my dad on our way to Italy.This is either Austria or Germany.
Whitby England
From Bowes Museum
Think this is where I left my heart.reminds me of
me and the queen mum.think she likes
Me and my hubby


  1. what a cute story Yoli..whoese that little munchkin? you..pretty.
    it does look like Emmerdale,lol
    Hopefully things will sort out soon for you,wish you the best always.

  2. lol.yes thats me in the middle.lookinh like a

  3. Hope its not too long until you are both together for good. I adore Scotland and feel like I have arrived home everytime I go there. When Mr K retires maybe we will be lucky enough to move there and get a home on the edge of a loch X

    P.S Whitby is a gorgeous place. It was one of the first places me and Mr K visited as a couple

  4. I love Scotland too.Whitby is so nice.I want to live there.And I love going to the little shops and of course wanting to eat Steps looked worse than they