Friday, February 18, 2011

Ho Hum Friday

Been kind of busy today.It's payday so had to go the bank and run errands.Filed my taxes.Was excited to hear I am getting back way more than I expected.So will have plenty for a car and finishing immigration paperwork and hubby and me in Vegas.It will be nice to pay my bills off and stop worrying.The main thing is the car.I hate not having one.I feel trapped in a cage.Not to mention getting rides to work and having to wait on someone.This is what I want.My dream car.I saved this pic but so far no luck finding's so pink lady like.I would love it and  would love to hang my pink fuzzy dice and cherries from the mirror and my leopard print seat covers.Pink and leopard print,It would be so hot sexy.awwwww.xx


  1. yay,glad to hear your sorting out important stuff first..cute pink car, suits you really well.

  2. I know.It's been a slow start this year but finally good is will be so excited if i get my hands on a 50's car.if not i like those new pontiac G6's and PT