Friday, February 25, 2011

Marie Antoinette

Sitting here watching Turner Classic Movies this morning.Trying to motivate myself to fold clothes and tidy up.And I'm in a trance watching the 1938 version of Marie Antoinette.I haven't seen this one before.Not sure I like it as much as the one with Kirsten Dunst.So many sides to her life.But I love her anyway.I love the hair and clothing from that period.So much detail and perfection.I have watched the movie with Kirsten Dunst so many times I am surprised it isnt worn out.Poor hubby.I made him sit through it once.He I think this 1938 version I would have to watch a few times.The acting is kind of annoying but I am loving the costumes and hair and hats.And comparing her life from this film to Kirstens version.
According to history she never said" let them eat cake".Underground newspapers printed that up.
How cute is Kirsten?
I love this movie to bits.It's my favorite.Loads of cakes and goodies,with shoes and beauty.Perfect girlie movie.Enjoy the clip.


  1. I adore Marie Antoinette..cute pics..yeah and she wasnt pretty.

  2. I think she was pretty.There is a documentary on you tube posted.I think it's call Marie Antoinette the last queen of france.It's pretty good.