Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I absolutley love Musicals.They are so much fun and I could watch them over and over.Though Hubby would have to go to his room.He doesn't care for them really.lol.Just watched Guys and Dolls.One of my favorites.Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando are amazing.Really good match in this movie.And of course their lovely co stars Jean Simmons and Vivian Blane.I want all thier costumes .Here is my favorite clip.Sexy little kitties.Enjoy.xx


  1. I love Frank Sinatra.

    What a shame you couldnt spend Valentines with your husband.

    Your cake looked delicious. Happy 1 year and 9 month Anniversary X

  2. I know he is great.I need to add him to my play list.It's a pain being apart from my husband but we will be together soon.we are going to Vegas in April and our anniversary is in may.Can't wait.

  3. I dont really care for musicals..I only watch them for the outfits and mute the rest.

  4. I used to watch them with my grandmother,it;s all her fault i'm like this.lol.