Monday, February 7, 2011


I have loved tattoos for as long as I can dad has some and my gradfather had some and I always thought how neat it was that they never came I couldnt wait to get one when I grew up.I have almost full sleeves and my arms are skinny so I dont have much room left.Here is my latest one I got in August when I was in England.I did change her a bit and added my stars and a bag.
My favorite she is 5 years old and still looks brand new.I love her make up.
It's the Bomb and a cotton candy cloud.
The little
My cupcake.a little blurry.sorry
Ed Hardy panther before he made bags,clothing,and a cat from one of my


  1. I love all your tatts..they are so colorful and cute..I forgot to bring my turquoise cherry wedgys..can you believe I havent worn them?

  2. Thanks.I want a few more just dont know what I want.I dont get to wear mine much.I never go will when it warms up.I have some cute leopard print pedal pushers and they look so cute with them.