Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine Kitten Claws

Thought I would do my nails for Valentines Day.Was going to wait till the actual day to post them but couldnt wait,I would probably end up changing them or wearing it off from doing stuff.I did the tips pink like a french manicure and then painted X's and O's with kissy done nail art in a long time so pardon if they look a tad messy.And also I appologize for my photography,a little blurry and trying to sort the flash not making it so bright .I'm right handed and my right hand isn't as pretty and the nails on my I did have fun.First I applied China Glaze strong Adhesian Base Coat.When that dried I used China Glaze Glacier.It's a glittery frosty color.Thought that would be pretty with the pinks and red.
Tips of nails are done with China Glaze Strawberry Fields
I love China Glaze polishes
For the X's and O's I used #912 pink by Stripe Rite And for the lips #1009 red by Stripe Rite

My very long
The Claws


  1. wow! very cute.great should do leopard next..I love them kissy lips..I need to get me some of those angled brushes.

  2. I'm going to try to do the leopard ones next.It was easy to do but I think the stripe rites I bought yesterday were old cuz they were very gooey and dried fast so added a drop of polish remover to thin it some.Hate when that happens.Oh I forgot to mention after drawing the X's,O's and lips.when they dried put one coat of the clear coat on to set it.