Friday, February 25, 2011

You say goloshes,my gran said rubbers

I remember when I was little my grandmother wore what she called Rubbers.And everytime she said it my cousin and I would giggle cuz we thought of something else.Anyway she had a pair of rain boots that you wore over your shoes.I believe I had some cuz I remember her yelling when we would go out."Don't forget to put your Rubbers on."lol.

Though we don't get loads of rain like england I still want a pair.Nothing is mpre annying then having to put boots on then bring your shoes when you can wear both and then take them off and hang your coat and leave the are a few I would like to have.
How cute are those with a flower.The cowboy boot not exxactly what I want but thought they would be fun with jeans and stomping puddles.


  1. your grandmas were really cute rubbers,I want the flower ones.

  2. snagged the pics online trying to find what I was talking about.Now adays all I see are my grandmother had each of those pair.I loved her simple style.she always wore a skirt and blouse.maybe a cardigan.but i never saw her with painted nails,just lipstick.It was cute.But her hair was never out of place.I want the pair with the flower too.they are adorable.