Wednesday, March 30, 2011

50's Home Re do.

My friend posted this on Face book.I had to share this video.I want the kitchen so bad.Everything is just adorable.Hope everyone enjoys this.xx

Cuff lengths

I have a problem.I love jeans and I always cuff mine.But I really hate that I can't get a proper legnth with them so when I sit you can't see my ankles.That is my pet peeve.I think it's cuz I have such skinny I love High waist jeans the best.Especially from Freddies of Pinewood.
Everytime I send hubby the link I think he has a small heart attack cuz he knows I want wear a 26 waist but forgot what the legnth is.I know freddies will add length if requested but what is the propper amout of length.When I recieve them they are perfect and I get my long jeans and my big cuffs.*this is without added legnth*And even though I wash all my jeans in cold water and hang dry them once they are washed the legnth is gone and my cuff is small and I feel like a dork.This happens with all brands of Jeans.I have some levi shrink to fits and they were perfect till washed them.They also did this.Hope some of you have a suggestion for me.I have long legs but i'm 5'4 so I don't understand why ths happens with my jeans.I am not tall at all.But here is what I aim for and what happens with mine.
Love the double fold cuff that I can't acheive.
This ends up being my cuff.I need longer jeans.should I get 3 more inches?Or go for a nice 6?lol.
I don't get this even with my levi's.without looking like Capri'
this is when I sit.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ebay Theives

Hmmm been trying to win this since sunday.My mom had a ponytail diary that was pink and I have it somewhere.Well I was the only bidder until 30 min ago,Some A hole stole it right from unde my nose.I'm upset.well here is my lost treasure.I hope the thief that stole it gets it.and it falls apart and is barbie size.I have a sad kitty face now.

Playtime or Bordem

Been kind of sad today.I'm missing my husband alot,and worrying how much longer we will be apart except for Vegas.I'm dreading that I'm only going to get 5 days with my husband and then he will have to go back to England.And the more I think about it the more upset I get.I will be going back with him if he does.And he can moan all he wants about itlol..All my friends are in England anyway.I really think we are going to struggle here.Anyway enough moan and groan, decided to take pics.I have been trying to grow my fringe out.What a hassle it is when you decide to change your hair .It's like having the pixie cut and deciding to grow your hair long again have have to deal with getting past your ear without trimming around can't remember when I last trimmed my fringe maybe the beggining of febuary.Wonder if I can hold out till Vegas.Here are some pics of where I am my recent dye job.The light made the dark look way lighter than it is.Excuse my no make up face.
was trying to hold the ponytail against the bright red.almost looks the same.grrrrr.In normal light my ponytail is  dark burgundy.Look at my brown roots growing inalready.grrr.
I seriously hate the two toned hair.This is why I think bleach or leave

This is what I have been doing with it .lol
Nice attractive bobbi
Apart from being in a sad mood,I did paint my nails.Plain red this time.The color is Salsa by China Glaze

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Giveaway Virgin

Hello everyone.Just entered my very first giveaway by vain glory sinner.she is having a give away for her 100 followers.She has such a cool little blog.I found her through a friend of mine.She is giving away some lovely beauty treats.Droooool.And you know me.A girl can never have to much beauty.Go here to follow and enter at the link below.Enjoy and good luck.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Digging For Treasures

Today I decided to go to my storage and go digging around for some things for Vegas.I moved back to south carolina last june.Back home with the parental units.Long story but everything I own has been in storage.Some clothes,and shoes.Eeek.But I have that many shoes I didnt have room so had to put them in digging around and was ooohing and aaaahing at my stuff.Decided on these for Vegas.
went to my storage for specifically these shoes.Only worn once.bought at TkMax
Found these while looing for those green babies.Now what to wear them with.Cuz they are also coming.
Accesory for my snoods.
My grans's too big for my finger.Don't know how it landed in there.Yikes.
Kitty earrings,cherry earrings,and cherry charm.
Blue nighty.Hubby will like this little treat.
pink circle skirt.sorry about hair clips.couldn't find clothes clips.I know it looks ghetto.
espidrills for my skirt.I love shoes that tie around the ankle.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Do,don't or give in to another hair dresser.

I'm a natural brunette.Boring dark brown if I quit coloring my hair,which I think I would go into shock or need a support group for people who contantly color thier hair.I had been coloring my hair red like rita hayworth for years,and for a few months went magenta.a bright pink red.It was pretty for a while but it stained the tub and towels for months and just got to be a pain when my dark hair would grow went back red.then last april decided to go blue black.It was ok for a while then decided i had way to much white/grey growing in.I started to worry.I will be the old lady dying her hair black with white roots.I'm a hair designer and i remember these old ladies trying to keep dark hair over 100% white hair.So decided to go back red since before christmas.I am good at corrective color but for some reason the black isnt stripping.So right now my new growth is elmo red and it is dark burgundy looking from th top of my ear to my chin.Either they have changed the formula of the product i have used for years or that blue base is just to large to remove without bleach.I refuse to have two toned hair in vegas.everyone seems to like it like that but after a while it looks like a bad color job.So definatley going to have to use bleach to lift the dark,Hair dressers are very picky about people doing thier hair and I am one of them.Big time.I will tell someone where to cut or color or set if i let someone do it and I know it annoyed me when people did it to me so I have always colored and cut my hair.but since this is something  hard i am trying to decide wether to do it myself or go to a salon.I need to use bleach and lift this dark crap to a light red or dark blond to get the color to look normal.and it's going to be hard to do myself.hmmmm.
i loved my magenta hair
before blue black
blue black
stripped from black red is red fire by loreal.
what I am trying to get back to.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Goodbye Elizabeth

One of my favorite stars has passed away today.The Amazing,and extremly sexy Elizabeth Taylor.She was 79.Still doesn't seem old enough to go.Thank you for teaching me how to be hot sexy and sensual,gorgeous and most of all my bangs.I remember seeing you as cleopatra and saying I want my bangs like that.I won't have to trim them for weeks.You will be greatly missed.Here is my little tribute to you.My favorite movies,Cat on a hot tin roof.And The last time I saw paris.Love you

Sunday, March 20, 2011


It's 2 am and I am wide awake.Was playing on facebook when I spotted a sexy shoe on the side of my page for great deals on my favorite designers.Though I don't have a favorite designer in fashion really.Unless it was about if I was going to be wearing fashion of today..And if I did I would say John Paul Gaultier.That man is genius.Oh and Betsy Johnson.Now my mind has gone blank.Anyway decided to click the shoe on the page and there is a form.I didn't fill it out but saw Zappos and a shoe footprint.And having the shoe fetish I have I had to go and type in the browser If your as bad as me with loving shoes DON'T GO THERE.Oh yes I went there.I only clicked on sandals and then clicked casual.There are about 200 pairs of shoes in this catagory alone..I intend on searching every shoe but so far these are what I found.I think if I won the lottery it would be blown on shoes.So many cute wedge shoes and espidril styles.I can't wait to see the heels.
Just adorable
these would match my blue dress
I love these
I really want these