Thursday, March 3, 2011


Sorry I have been quiet these days.Haven't been in a good mood lately.I'm missing my husband and homesick for England isn't even describing it.I'm frustrated it's taking so long to get things done for us to be together.Lately i feel married to myself.Sometimes all the thoughts of this process we are taking is to much and I go into panic mode.So trying to snap out of it and I entered sweepstakes to win Marlene Dietrich Biography.Hopefully I will get lucky and be the winner.will be nice to have for my flight to vegas.Anyway here are some lovely photos of Marlene.Enjoy.xx


  1. Dont worry everything will work out for the best.lots of luck to ya.
    oooh, hope you win.she was so classy.

  2. I'm trying not love her and mae west.with thier cigarette filters.I have a couple from when I smoked.They were they always dress fabulous.I love Marlene in her tux.Fantastic.