Saturday, March 26, 2011

Digging For Treasures

Today I decided to go to my storage and go digging around for some things for Vegas.I moved back to south carolina last june.Back home with the parental units.Long story but everything I own has been in storage.Some clothes,and shoes.Eeek.But I have that many shoes I didnt have room so had to put them in digging around and was ooohing and aaaahing at my stuff.Decided on these for Vegas.
went to my storage for specifically these shoes.Only worn once.bought at TkMax
Found these while looing for those green babies.Now what to wear them with.Cuz they are also coming.
Accesory for my snoods.
My grans's too big for my finger.Don't know how it landed in there.Yikes.
Kitty earrings,cherry earrings,and cherry charm.
Blue nighty.Hubby will like this little treat.
pink circle skirt.sorry about hair clips.couldn't find clothes clips.I know it looks ghetto.
espidrills for my skirt.I love shoes that tie around the ankle.


  1. love the flowery green shoes and clear lucite like heels.
    your grans ring is beautiful.I didnt notice the hair clips blened in with skirt,nice shade of pink will look good with your red hair.
    I also like shoes that tie.cute accesories, sexy nightie.

  2. Thanks.I went to the storage just for the green ones but had to go trough stuff and see what else i could take.I forgot i had the lucite aunt gave me the ring when my gran died.just hope they can make it small enough cuz my ring size is a 3 1/ pinky wait to wear my skirts.need to find an ivory top or something to go with it.

  3. Really neat and pretty things.
    I remember when I had to store almost everything I owned for a year before someone could help me ship all of it over to England.
    It was a nice reunion and I had totally forgot about some stuff.
    Some ladies in a shop over here felt so sorry for me for having "nothing", I actually got a Brother sewing machine for free. :))