Friday, March 25, 2011

Do,don't or give in to another hair dresser.

I'm a natural brunette.Boring dark brown if I quit coloring my hair,which I think I would go into shock or need a support group for people who contantly color thier hair.I had been coloring my hair red like rita hayworth for years,and for a few months went magenta.a bright pink red.It was pretty for a while but it stained the tub and towels for months and just got to be a pain when my dark hair would grow went back red.then last april decided to go blue black.It was ok for a while then decided i had way to much white/grey growing in.I started to worry.I will be the old lady dying her hair black with white roots.I'm a hair designer and i remember these old ladies trying to keep dark hair over 100% white hair.So decided to go back red since before christmas.I am good at corrective color but for some reason the black isnt stripping.So right now my new growth is elmo red and it is dark burgundy looking from th top of my ear to my chin.Either they have changed the formula of the product i have used for years or that blue base is just to large to remove without bleach.I refuse to have two toned hair in vegas.everyone seems to like it like that but after a while it looks like a bad color job.So definatley going to have to use bleach to lift the dark,Hair dressers are very picky about people doing thier hair and I am one of them.Big time.I will tell someone where to cut or color or set if i let someone do it and I know it annoyed me when people did it to me so I have always colored and cut my hair.but since this is something  hard i am trying to decide wether to do it myself or go to a salon.I need to use bleach and lift this dark crap to a light red or dark blond to get the color to look normal.and it's going to be hard to do myself.hmmmm.
i loved my magenta hair
before blue black
blue black
stripped from black red is red fire by loreal.
what I am trying to get back to.


  1. I would go but i think your hair looks good.
    the last pic is one of my faves, blue looks good on you.

  2. the last pic was the best red and they discontinued it.It was smoldering red by Loreal.Hate when they do that and I havent found a great red since.I used to hate blue on me till I went red.Guess it

  3. I hadn't dyed my hair in about 4 years (I gave it a rest from all the dying I did since I was 14.) until about 2 months ago. I did it a blue black and thought it would end up fading alot. It hasn't!! I now have 2 inch medium brown roots. Time to re-dye.

    You look good in every color you have had! =)

  4. That happend to me.the dark brown came in but I'm also having loads of white coming in and it was to much work to keep red seems to be easier to hide the grey.Eventually when I can't take it anymore I am going blonde