Sunday, March 6, 2011

Girlie Goodies

Bought myself some cute girly things today after work.I have had the adress book for years,lol.but bought my little pink pen and calculator.And have had my eye on these cute little earrings for a while.I couldnt find them when i was looking through the racks.Phew they were still there.the pink ones will look cute with my pink leopard print cardi top.Also got this cute little's not leopardprint but had to have it.Hubby feel free to put money in


  1. that is so darling Yoli.
    I seen similar ones ,but they were buttons,wonder if you can convert them to pocket your address book and glitter calculator and pen.everything.

  2. I love my pen.I got everything where I clearing things up and of course have to browse as I