Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Spent all day looking at cars.Could only afford something cheap.After almost  being forced to buy crap,i was getting annoyed and then looked at this cute 2000 jeep cherokee.I love it.It has alot of miles but it will do for now.and it's nice not having a car payment.
before her bath
bare naked
back seat
no junk in my trunk.lol.
making her pretty
must have leopardprit seat covers.hee hee.This jeep is so much fun.It feels a little strange cuz I went from a little nissan sentra car to this.It feels like i'm in a tank and I have the seat all the way up and still almost can't reach the gas pedal.But it sure is nice having wheels again.I lost my nissan in june and have not had a ar since then.Now I can go out and take myself to work and go Jeepin.xxx

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  1. yay,you got power now,love it.cute leopard covers and how roomy it is.