Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Leopardprint nails part 2

Well had a boring day today so did my nails.Decided to do just regular leopartprint this time.I love them.I used China Glaze,Orly,Sally Girl,and Stripe Rite.All available at Sally Beauty Supply.But you can always use your favorites.I just perfer sallys cuz most of thier polishes last a long time and my nails stay strong.My purple leopard print style lasted about 3 weeks.Here is my step by step process to get your leopardprint nails.Enjoy.xx
you will need these.Don't forget a piece of paper and also a bobby pin ,nail art brush is best,or toothpick.
Apply your clear coat first.I used strong adhesion base coat by China Glaze
when that has dried I applied the color glitz by Orly just on the tips of my nails like a fench manicure.
Now grab your piece of paper and your art tool.I used a bobby pin and just opened it up.
dribble your black polish onto the paper and make squigly half circles with your art tool on the nail tips.I am finding the bobby pin works really well for this step
make sure the center of the circle is open.*sorry this pic is blurry*
Next I applied to the center of my black circle the color in awe of amber by China Glaze.It really went perfect with the glitz color sorry if you cant see it well.

Just for fun I used my red stripe rite at the base of the leopardprint.It made the leopardprint pop.And one last coat of clear to set it all.
Ta Da.Purrrrrrrfect cat claws.

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  1. come and do mine, I love them in leopard with red.