Saturday, March 5, 2011

Little black skirt

Just ordered myself this cute little high waist skirt from body central.Can't wait to get it.It will look cute with my new leopard print top.I'm surprised they have this skirt since most of their stuff is what all the fashion is for grls these days.I was going to order a medium but was worried around the hips would be to big and it wouldn't be snug and look dumb.I don't have curves at all and stick legs like olive half the time i have to have things altered.Oooh i'm so ecited to get this.and I have plenty of shoes to go with it.Here is the link for body central.
Got these babies in august at Matalan.not sure I spelled that right.14 pounds.don't have the currency symbol on my
The handles on my little case broke so I keep all my hair accesories in it.
Ran out of room so thats my travel
my little top to go with my's a strange material.looks like snakeskin texture but satiny or silky


  1. High waisted skirts are classic paired up with thick belt and your leopard top. shoes are so pretty, love your case an hair flowers.

  2. thanks.laughing i still have the tag on my shoe.shows I definatley have a shoe addiction.At least they will get their premier at

  3. Nice stuff!
    You got Matalan in America now?
    (I got the same shoes, my man is nuts about them.)

  4. I wish we had mataln here.I bought these when I was over in England in august.I saw these and hubby had no chance at saying no to me that