Saturday, March 5, 2011

The little chinese dress

I have a cute little gold chinese dress.I bought in 2005 I think, at a weekender.I payed $125.00.The poor thing has never been worn by me,it needed to be let out just a tad at the's a size 3 or less.In may I had the darts in the front let out.and it fit perfect.I must have gained since may because now it's tight again.which means I have gone from a size 0 to a 5 since august,Grrrr.I should be excited I have finally gained but when something gorgeous like this dress doesn't fit it makes you feel I have to blame all the junk I eat especially microwave food and cake.Poor thing needs to be dry cleaned and ironed..I couldnt get a good full size pic.
Love the flowers.
Inside material of the dress.These gold wedgies would be perfect or maybe some cute lucite with gold heels.


  1. oh thats too bad.its so pretty and gold my fave color..lucite hills would of looked killer with that a similar one or sell this one.

  2. I love it.I am determined to wear it.No microwave foods and teeny slices of cake no more big chunks of cake.cut out soda.Ohhh the agony giving up