Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Vegas Nightmare

35 days till VLV weekend in Vegas.It is becomming a big hassle.I booked my flight on march 10th and they charged me twice for my flight,overdrafting my account.and bouncing my ticket for my 4 day pass.I still have to book a hotel as well.It's annoying.I feel like this trip is not meant to be.Hopefully i get this fixed soon.Not to mention I don't have much to wear.Alot I planned on wearing is all of a sudden to small.As much as I love to shop I hate having to buy un necissary outfits.It takes away the joy of finding my vintage outfits ect.during these events with the vendors.So looks like I will have to be careful when i'm there with my spending.Sad kitty face.


  1. oh no, they have too refund you the second charge.
    isnt expensive to buy clothes at most vendors in Vegas?
    lot of luck Yoli.

  2. delta and expedia gave me loads of on wants to take responsibility who charged twice.Delta confirmed I was charged twice but told me expedia does the refunds.Expedia tried to blame the just made a claim to my bank and they are returning the money and filing a claim with expedia or delta.I just hope the flight doesnt get cancelled and I have to re book.It's already confirmed and everything.Idiots.