Thursday, March 17, 2011


Just realised after re reading yesterdays blog,I am realising I have about 4 weeks left till Vegas.It's really coming up fast.Have no idea what I am bringing apart from make up and accesories and of course my shoes.But my wardrobe is becoming limited.Guess I should make a list of things and maybe plan each day to help decide what to wear.Not to mention alterations on things I really want to wear that are to big.This is the only thing about going on holiday I hate.the packing and planning.Cuz in my life i'm so un i better get sorted.


  1. Well you still got 4 weeks to buy any last minute things.that way you can fix the alterations on outfits. you taking a bathing suit?

  2. I know.I am tempeted to stay there too.No bathing suits for me i'm to skinny.people will laugh.i will be trying to win money for the

  3. And I'm preparing for Screamin' in Spain.
    That's my favorite rockin thing, love jiving on the beach or in the pool. :D

    4 weeks is plenty of time, don't stress, not good for your skin.