Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Playtime or Bordem

Been kind of sad today.I'm missing my husband alot,and worrying how much longer we will be apart except for Vegas.I'm dreading that I'm only going to get 5 days with my husband and then he will have to go back to England.And the more I think about it the more upset I get.I will be going back with him if he does.And he can moan all he wants about itlol..All my friends are in England anyway.I really think we are going to struggle here.Anyway enough moan and groan, decided to take pics.I have been trying to grow my fringe out.What a hassle it is when you decide to change your hair .It's like having the pixie cut and deciding to grow your hair long again have have to deal with getting past your ear without trimming around it.lol.Anyway can't remember when I last trimmed my fringe maybe the beggining of febuary.Wonder if I can hold out till Vegas.Here are some pics of where I am at.lol.Also my recent dye job.The light made the dark look way lighter than it is.Excuse my no make up face.
was trying to hold the ponytail against the bright red.almost looks the same.grrrrr.In normal light my ponytail is  dark burgundy.Look at my brown roots growing inalready.grrr.
I seriously hate the two toned hair.This is why I think bleach or leave it.lol.

This is what I have been doing with it .lol
Nice attractive bobbi pin.lol.
Apart from being in a sad mood,I did paint my nails.Plain red this time.The color is Salsa by China Glaze


  1. I know its so hard to be apart. I been looking at visa renewal fees and they are going up.
    make the most of it, you two have together Yoli.
    you should move here I need a NC sister.
    your nails look so pretty and long.painting mine now for Jumbo sale tomorrow.

  2. I know the fee went up on the form i have to send for him to move here.was 350.00 now 400 something it's dumb.My nails are reaching that legnth where they start to break.I laugh when i paint te whole nail they look fake.lol.I love this red.