Sunday, March 20, 2011


It's 2 am and I am wide awake.Was playing on facebook when I spotted a sexy shoe on the side of my page for great deals on my favorite designers.Though I don't have a favorite designer in fashion really.Unless it was about if I was going to be wearing fashion of today..And if I did I would say John Paul Gaultier.That man is genius.Oh and Betsy Johnson.Now my mind has gone blank.Anyway decided to click the shoe on the page and there is a form.I didn't fill it out but saw Zappos and a shoe footprint.And having the shoe fetish I have I had to go and type in the browser If your as bad as me with loving shoes DON'T GO THERE.Oh yes I went there.I only clicked on sandals and then clicked casual.There are about 200 pairs of shoes in this catagory alone..I intend on searching every shoe but so far these are what I found.I think if I won the lottery it would be blown on shoes.So many cute wedge shoes and espidril styles.I can't wait to see the heels.
Just adorable
these would match my blue dress
I love these
I really want these


  1. ooooh, I love the dark blue and leopard ones.

  2. me too.i didnt get half way through the pages.and that was just are a bit pricey though

  3. Oww wow! I love mules and Springolators, that's my weakness.

    Get the last pair, they rock!

  4. I know.i love those.they have a nice leopardprint to them ad i'm picky with