Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Day

I truely enjoyed watching the Royal Wedding of William and Kate today.They are so cute together and you could feel thier love for each other from across the pond.I have loved the Royal Family since I was a little girl.Was so amazed there was a queen and princesses and princes.Was kind of sad I wasn't in England to celebrate.I really enjoyed seeing such support from the English.All the flags and hats and cheering. I sure got home sick cuz I wanted to be part of it.Oh well At least I got to watch start to finish.from 3 am  american time.
thought this was so cute.they were chatting when she got up to the adorable.I was crying waching him hold her attentive of her.Her dress reminded me of Grace Kelly's

Ok now down to guesta and horrible hats.
Give me a break.I seriously can't stand david and miss pish posh.Yes I'm a
God save the queen from tweetie bird.she is cute though.
Can't even come up with words for this blue I could think of was the fith element movie that blue lady
Possibly the worst hat of the day.I didnt know if it was stolen from lady Ga Ga or if it was that hard ribbon candy from most horrible hat i have ever
Hee hee.thought this was funny.Charles looking

Apart from crazy hats and silly dresses,and camilla not knowing where she was going after all these years the day was perfect and sealed with a kiss or two.Congrats to William and Kate.Thank you for sharing your special day with us.xx

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Back from My Vegas Bubble

I'm back from VLV.Had a great time.Not happy to be back home though.Hubby went back to England with the band and I just miss living in that bubble where you don't know the time or the day.Your reality back home doesn't exist.Your planted at the games or the bar stool.We love the Aligator bar,i lived off my cherry poppers,bloody marys,and what ever I decided to have.Loads of people,everyone was gorgeous.The vendors had so many goodies.I got back home late last night and today I feel dehydrated and run down.I will post more later.have to get my photos together.Hope everyone that was there had a great time.And hope everyone had a nice easter.xx

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Off to Viva Las Vegas

Well I am off to Viva Las Vegas weekender.So it will be quiet here for a few days.I will post when I return of my holiday with my hubby .Can't wait to see him.If your going be sure to check out his band The Sureshots.They are really good.And my hubby playing his bass.I love watching him play and can't wait.I think they are playing saturday.Here is some video of these party animals.
my favorite song.Makes me want to jump on my is it with hubby and his bass.
enjoy see you all

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Before i sleep

thought I would share this.So cute.
Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall boarding a TWA flight in March of 1954, when flying was still glamorous and people dressed up to travel. Although, in truth, Bogie dressed up for everything ...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yummy Sunday

Today I spent the day watching classic movies and baking a lemon cake.Just a betty crocker mix and icing.I shaved a lemon and sprinkled the lemon flakes on top.The whole house smells of lemon ready to have a slice with my cup of tea.Here are some clips of the great movies I watched today.I love when they play my favorites.
Here are the lovely classics I watched today.First was Now Voyager with Bette Davis,and Paul Henried.
Without Love starring Katherine Hepburn,Spencer Tracy,and Lucille Ball,I have never seen this one and really ejoyed it.My new Favorite.
And the Handsome Marlon Brando in The Wild One.Nothing like boots ,leather and a motorbike.almost better than my

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lovely Scents

I love perfume.Sometimes I can't wear them cuz they start a migraine.Hate when that happens.I also love anything vanilla,of coarse any rose smelling perfume.I wear for  light smells for the day and a tad stronger for the evening.Here are whats on my vanity.What are your favorite perfumes?
Since the age of 13 I love my Loves baby soft.
This is heathercoat and ivory.I really love this.It has almost a soapy smell but I like's by who's that girl.It came with a bath set from a friend in England.I can't fid this stuff  here so I try not to use it alot.When I run out i will be sad.
This smells so amazing.Japanese cherry blossom.From bath and body works.I usually wear this in the evening if it doesnt give me a headache.
From bath and body works.Vanilla Vanilla.This is really sweet smelling and i can't find it in the US anywhere.I got this in picadilly waiting for my bus .lol.
My carry with me everywhere.By Lush imogen rose.
Now everyone must have a victoria secret.Mine is Sexy little things.The baby one hubby got me for christmas.I keep it in my purse.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another Dress

Had my eye on this dress,don't know what it is, but everytime I saw it I thought of betty davis and her little self.hee hee.Think it the ruffly top part that reminds me of her,so bought it when I got off work.It's sooooo cutesy.Here is my little outfit.Now wear it during the day?or evening.It will be cute for either.
How blue
Love the print and ruffle
think this dress will be cute with my hair in my navy snood.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Cat Claws for Spring

Well did my nails today.They are ok.But not what I was aiming for.The blue polish became gummy from the heat.and was hard to make even.Was worried about the bubbe look after they dry.Really hate when that happens.Also I did way to many instead of blue polka dots and cherries it loks like watermelon rind and is what I used and how they turned out.I will have to re do these another day.Enjoy.xx
Grrrrr broke a nail at work this week.Hate having un even nails.
A little clearer pic.
Ta da.Way to many dots and need a tad darker green.Oh and a new

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A little bit of shopping part 2

Here are the rest of the goodies I found.
two hot plates.I will use these for something else..60 cents.
little tea tray.It's about the size of a book.may put all my lush soaps on it..75 cents
My new notepad set.
Almost to pretty to write on.
little rose mug with coaster.the coaster fits like a lid as well.

A little bit of shopping part 1

Went shopping earlier.Went to where i work.they are having a 70% off all clearance so went to get what I had my eyes on.And if the tag was clearance with a lavender dot it was 95% off. This is what I got.
One white creme top and one ivory top.$4.50.For some reason lighting and flash made them look the same color.I really need to take photos in another place.
Black white polka dots cardi.$4.50
Light pink night gown with sheer rosey robe.$3.00
love the big sleeves like a kimono.
little bow on the straps of the adorable.
Little bangle.$1.80
necklace $1.80
Looks like a book on make up.$1.80
but inside all different lippies.

Sick Girl

Been sick with a nasty cold since tuesday.I also worked 3 days this week feeing ill.Don't know how  managed cuz each tme I took medicine it made me feel worse,and I was taking dayquil.I have off till tuesday so it was nice actually getting proper sleep and not rushing .I was able to eat more.Just wish this annoying cough would stop.and the headaches.At least it came now and not during  vegas.Here is me back to everyone is having a nice sunday.Getting ready to go shopping.Need some things for vegas.Just 10 days left.Yippeeee.
My little breakfast of toast,cranberry/apple,and almonds oatmeal.With tea and honey.
My little lunch.Bologne and cheese with chili cheese had a coke cuz I am sick and tired of chicken soup, OJ,water and tea.And dayquil sucks.Instead of keeping me awake and feel btter I fell asleep and felt worse.the only thing it did was get rid of my headache and fever.