Monday, April 11, 2011

Cat Claws for Spring

Well did my nails today.They are ok.But not what I was aiming for.The blue polish became gummy from the heat.and was hard to make even.Was worried about the bubbe look after they dry.Really hate when that happens.Also I did way to many instead of blue polka dots and cherries it loks like watermelon rind and is what I used and how they turned out.I will have to re do these another day.Enjoy.xx
Grrrrr broke a nail at work this week.Hate having un even nails.
A little clearer pic.
Ta da.Way to many dots and need a tad darker green.Oh and a new


  1. They look amazing,you need to do my nails,I cant draw for the little cherries and the blue color.

  2. Thank you.I will do your nails anytime.The cherries are my favorite part.The heat here is making all my polish melt and go gummy.time to find a cooler place for them.

  3. That is so fun and creative! Love it!