Monday, April 4, 2011

Hair Today

Today I took the rollers out and brushed it out and looked at the big fluffy mess,that reminded me of Jackie O.What in the world should I do with this?Normally I use a curling iron so regular curls from rollers are stronger and more springy.Ans sometimes I can't get the curls to do what I want.This is what I came up am horrible at posing and taking pics of myself so Hope no one ones outside and with my dog my son took.I couldn't get a good photo of myself when I did it without looking like a big face.or cutting half the hairstyle out.Well here it is my style for today.Enjoy.xx
It was windy out and we had to be quick.


  1. I love it! shorter hair makes you look younger.
    you wearing ponytails?

  2. Thanks.I had it tucked under and my curls started breaking up.and I had some of it pinned does look like