Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'm a Lush part 1

I remember the first time I went into lush.I thought i was in heaven.The scents can be smelled from outside the store.I have recieved lush products as gifts but there were no lush stores near me.So every visit to England I go to Newcastle and stock up.I have never used a product that was so light and smelled so good.and not to mention all natural and hand made.I believe at the time america was behind on this thing.But yes I am addicted to Lush and thier products.And if I move to England I would love to work there,which worries hubby cuz my pay would be have made a list of must haves I want.I love the rose absolute smells.And I hope soon they have a rose shampoo.This blog will be in two parts since there is so much i rght now I have run out of my shampoo bars.Look at all this girly beauty.

Shampoo Bars are my favorite.I no longer use bottled shampoos.The green is my absolute favorite.Karma Komba.It has orange oil,and patchouli oil.My hair stays full and shiney.No weighing down.

The purple is jasmine juniper.It's for oily hair which I don't have but I want it for the smell of jasmine.Bet it's great to remove build up.

The orange ones are called New Hair.More for people with thinning hair I don't have that issue either but No harm in helping hair grow fuller.This is a stimulating shammpoo bar of spices.
I love juicy.Havent tried this but we all end up with buildup from chemicals in the water and all our hairspray and product build up.This removes the oils and build up.what a cute name.
Havent tried thier conditioners yet but I like the sound of this one.gets rid of frizz.

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  1. I been wanting Lush forever,we havent gone to the mall.thats the only place close around.
    you can order online in America.want the frizz and oily cakes,they look good enough to eat.