Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'm a Lush part 2

Now here is the best.Soaps and bubble bath items and perfumes.This list gets longer and longer for me.Poor hubby.I am going to have to really choose so he can stock me up and bring them to vegas.I have chosen almost every rose smelling
Bath bars called Ring of Roses.Drooool.I haven't tried this yet.sweet oranges,lemons,and rose absolute.Bet it smells amazing.
I have tried this ballistic.It is really light and smells amazing.It does have oil in it and it does stick to the tub.but apart from that I love it.It's rose and orris root for relieveing stress.It's called Tisty Tosty and I had to check my spelling while typing cuz I always want to call it titsy
My favorite bubble bar.Amandopondo.Rose absolute,lemon,and orris oil.You litterally come out smelling like a rose.I buy at least 3 of these.
Haven't tried the turkish delight smoothie.Looks so soft and smooth just in the container.And I know it smells of lovely roses.


  1. the rose ones sound the best,I never tried these either.

  2. I know.I really want the turkish delight.And ring of roses.