Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'm a Lush part 3

Of course there is a part three.I keep adding to my list of sure if this is new or I just didn't spot it while shopping when I last went into Lush.A lovely dusting powder called Bare Naked Lady.It's calamine,rose absolute,with goldn sparkles to shimmer.I bet this is nice on during the summer with a lovely sundress on.
Ooooooh lovey perfumes.I loves these.
I have the Imogen Rose solid perfume.I keep it in my purse.It is a little strong at first but it smells amazing.I try not to use it alot becase once it's gone it will be a while till I get more. 
My little imogen rose.The last item from Lush I have.They have stores in America now but not near me.So I would just rather hubby bring me things.If you haven't heard of Lush your missing it.Here are the links so you can check them out and become a Lush lover too.They even have make up which I'm dying to try.Here are the links for UK and U.S.Enjoy everyone.

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