Sunday, April 10, 2011

A little bit of shopping part 1

Went shopping earlier.Went to where i work.they are having a 70% off all clearance so went to get what I had my eyes on.And if the tag was clearance with a lavender dot it was 95% off. This is what I got.
One white creme top and one ivory top.$4.50.For some reason lighting and flash made them look the same color.I really need to take photos in another place.
Black white polka dots cardi.$4.50
Light pink night gown with sheer rosey robe.$3.00
love the big sleeves like a kimono.
little bow on the straps of the adorable.
Little bangle.$1.80
necklace $1.80
Looks like a book on make up.$1.80
but inside all different lippies.


  1. Really nice finds, the polka dot cardigan is so darn cute!

  2. Marvelous bargains,love the polka dot cardi, roses gown, you will looks so cute wearing it the make up book,great colors.oh and flower bangle too,cant wait to see you wear it all.