Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lovely Scents

I love perfume.Sometimes I can't wear them cuz they start a migraine.Hate when that happens.I also love anything vanilla,of coarse any rose smelling perfume.I wear for  light smells for the day and a tad stronger for the evening.Here are whats on my vanity.What are your favorite perfumes?
Since the age of 13 I love my Loves baby soft.
This is heathercoat and ivory.I really love this.It has almost a soapy smell but I like's by who's that girl.It came with a bath set from a friend in England.I can't fid this stuff  here so I try not to use it alot.When I run out i will be sad.
This smells so amazing.Japanese cherry blossom.From bath and body works.I usually wear this in the evening if it doesnt give me a headache.
From bath and body works.Vanilla Vanilla.This is really sweet smelling and i can't find it in the US anywhere.I got this in picadilly waiting for my bus .lol.
My carry with me everywhere.By Lush imogen rose.
Now everyone must have a victoria secret.Mine is Sexy little things.The baby one hubby got me for christmas.I keep it in my purse.


  1. Nice collection!

    I have
    - Bath and Body works -Exotic Coconut- The smell of anything coconutty makes me HAPPY!
    - Paradise body mist by Michel (Gift)
    - Shania by Stetson
    - Harajuku girls Music (Christmas Gift)
    - Fuzzy Peach perfume oil (From The Body Shop)Has been a favorite since I was 12 or 13. I am on my 3rd bottle.

    A few months back I did endless searching for a new scent, that I would make my signature scent. I ended up with 2 I really liked and I had saved both tester cards to decide which was best. Now I can't find the darn cards!! LOL

  2. Mmmmm i love coconut too.Tropical scents are always nice.I want harajuku girls,they smell lovely.I bet the peach one is nice too.i love the kind that smells like a jolly rancher others but can't find them.

  3. I love baby soft , use to wear in my teens, along with exclamation.
    I adore thos vs black vintage looking bottles.
    My fave smell is roses and almonds.

  4. I used to have exlcamation and sunflowers was nice too.I am dying for Vera Wangs Princess.It's smells so nice.

  5. My mum always got me Exclamation when I was younger and my dad bought me Hugo Boss Deep Red for Christmas for years.

    My favourite day time scent is Vanilla, I have quite a few Vanilla scented body mists and the Body Shop Vanilla eau de toilette. They are my quick go to perfumes as I always keep one of them in the dining room! When I'm in a rush I just spurt it all over me and I'm out the door. Coconut is also a big favourite of mine but mainly for hair products.

    I have too many perfumes to ring off here but a couple of my favourites are the Nina Ricci - Nina perfume. The bottle looks like an apple.. it's so darling!
    I recently got Herve Leger - Femme, which is a collaboration he did with Avon.. it's not too expensive and it has a nice evening perfume scent.

    I am in total agreement with you on Vera Wang Princess! That's got to be in my top 10 perfume NEEDS list! xxx