Sunday, April 3, 2011

Quiet Sunday

Happy Mothers Day to all my english friends who are mommys.Ours isn't till may.Hope everyone has had a nice day.Since it's not mothers day here I have had a lazy sunday staying in my pajamas all day ,blogging,watching movies,snuggleing on the couch with my little dog Jetta,talking to hubby online and watching him watch tv on the web a shower and has just finished rolling my hair.I will end up sleeping in my tee shirt since my head is now bigger than my's funny I usually have plenty of rollers and today I felt like i needed loads.Looks like it's time for a trip to the beauty supply store this week.don't want to be haveing to buy extra crap when I get to Vegas.Also need to buy my hair color and bleach to strip this dark color out.And get it evened out. Starting to feel like if I blink it will be time to fly out and i'm still not least I have most outfits I am taking sorted out.Could use a few more tops to wear with my jeans.I noticed I have more tee shirts than blouses or comfy tops.Would have been nice to go shopping today but my jeep is still not fixed.Thats a whole other blog how was your sunday?
what a funny ad.


  1. well atleast you got your outfits together,I keep breaking my curlers.
    I just boot saled it and we took Buddys mom out for Chinese.

  2. I'm trying to avoid packing things I won't have been dying to go to this one antique store thats open sundays and can't go anywhere tll my jeep is fixed.So frustrating.I love chinese food.I miss the prawn crackers they have there we dont have them