Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Day

I truely enjoyed watching the Royal Wedding of William and Kate today.They are so cute together and you could feel thier love for each other from across the pond.I have loved the Royal Family since I was a little girl.Was so amazed there was a queen and princesses and princes.Was kind of sad I wasn't in England to celebrate.I really enjoyed seeing such support from the English.All the flags and hats and cheering. I sure got home sick cuz I wanted to be part of it.Oh well At least I got to watch start to finish.from 3 am  american time.
thought this was so cute.they were chatting when she got up to the adorable.I was crying waching him hold her attentive of her.Her dress reminded me of Grace Kelly's

Ok now down to guesta and horrible hats.
Give me a break.I seriously can't stand david and miss pish posh.Yes I'm a
God save the queen from tweetie bird.she is cute though.
Can't even come up with words for this blue I could think of was the fith element movie that blue lady
Possibly the worst hat of the day.I didnt know if it was stolen from lady Ga Ga or if it was that hard ribbon candy from most horrible hat i have ever
Hee hee.thought this was funny.Charles looking

Apart from crazy hats and silly dresses,and camilla not knowing where she was going after all these years the day was perfect and sealed with a kiss or two.Congrats to William and Kate.Thank you for sharing your special day with us.xx


  1. Hahaha! I agree with you on being a hater of the Beckhams! I can't stand them either!

    I thought exactly the same thing when I saw Princess Beatrice's hat, she looked like a Lady GaGa wannabe!

    I did enjoy watching the wedding, I even cried one solitary tear! It was lovely! The stupid hats were an added bonus! xxx

  2. I know the hats were insane.I did think princess anne looked nice.The purple looked so pretty on her.Glad she didnt go Ga

  3. Love that you enjoyed the Royal Wedding! Shame you had to get up at such an hour to watch it though! xx

  4. I said to Mr Kitten that the dress reminded me of Grace Kelly's dress. We could watch the wedding in 50 years time and it will still look elegant and timeless just like GK's does today, whereas Princess Dianas and Fergies dresses will always look like hideous creations from the 1980's. And I agree that Eugenie and Beatrices hats were the worst. The brown coloured one looked like some huge beetle had landed on her head and was getting ready for mating LOL! X