Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sick Girl

Been sick with a nasty cold since tuesday.I also worked 3 days this week feeing ill.Don't know how  managed cuz each tme I took medicine it made me feel worse,and I was taking dayquil.I have off till tuesday so it was nice actually getting proper sleep and not rushing .I was able to eat more.Just wish this annoying cough would stop.and the headaches.At least it came now and not during  vegas.Here is me back to everyone is having a nice sunday.Getting ready to go shopping.Need some things for vegas.Just 10 days left.Yippeeee.
My little breakfast of toast,cranberry/apple,and almonds oatmeal.With tea and honey.
My little lunch.Bologne and cheese with chili cheese had a coke cuz I am sick and tired of chicken soup, OJ,water and tea.And dayquil sucks.Instead of keeping me awake and feel btter I fell asleep and felt worse.the only thing it did was get rid of my headache and fever.


  1. poor Yoli, rest lots,love your lunch and fritos,I miss chile cheese fritos.

  2. I feel alot better now.Look at all that butter on my wonder i'm gaining had to have real food for lunch.I was so sick of soup.Chili cheese fritos are my favorite.Normally I dip them in the white cheese dip.(queso)