Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Your Handwriting Tag

Here is something fun everyone is blogging about.It also tells some things about me.Here is what you do.On a piece of paper or card any stationary you love write

Name of your blog

The URL to your blog

then write Fred went to the barn to write a check.*my friend made this one I guess you can write what ever you like.*

Favorite quote

Your Favorite song

And something random.

Here is mine I couldn't find my note pad but I do collect cards.So used my favorite Kitty Card.And wrote everything inside.

Chicken Scratch older I get the worse it
I found my kitty ring.Thought I left it in the scanner bin at the airport when I went to england.

My favorite quote is "We are all tied to our own destiny and there is no way we can liberate ourselves". by Rita Hayworth.

My favorite song is Rum and Coca Cola by the andrew sisters.


  1. That ring is adorable! Cute, cute, cute!

    Your writing isn't a chicken scratch! You write very fluidly. I always find writing on lined paper always keeps my writing much neater!

  2. Thanks got it at claires.They always have cute things.I have to concentate when I write without lines or it will definatley

  3. Your writting is way neater than my Chino handwriting,lol
    that ring is the cutest,totally suits your cat nails.

  4. lol.I have your post cards and write similar.I like the cats little

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