Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rita Hayworth Sunday

Have my Sunday of cleaning and doing laundrey while watching my favorite Rita Hayworth movies.Since my DVD player is in storage I am watching them on my computer.Dropped my comp a few months ago and every once in a while my DVD's wont play.So far it's being nice.I guess it likes Rita.Lol.Was browsing photos of her and came across this.I will have to see if I can find one.How cool would it be to have The Rita Hayworth coloring book?
I will be on a hunt for adorable.
Not sure by the photo,but looks like a Rita Hayworth paper doll book.How cool.

Right now I am watching Gilda.Here is a teaser trailer.Enjoy.Hope everyone had a nice weekend and is havng a nice

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Wondering what blogger is doing now?The past few days followers section is missing on not only my blog but everyones I go to.They must be doing a good clear out.lately it's been acting up.Anyone else having issues?So frustraing.Anyway just want to say thanks to everyone following me.Even if it

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gimmie Gimmie

I love lucky lou's.These shoes are so cute.Think they would look cute with anything your wearing.I must,must ,must have some.The carved heels are just amzing.Love all the detail.
I absolutley love these.
Check out their site if you haven't already.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Newly Shaped Cat Claws

I have always had long nails.and I always kept them square shaped.not sure have long nail beds but the shape can either be square or rounded.Since cutting them to my finger tips when they reached thier max length.They have finally got some length back and I decided to cut the corners and shape them more rounded and pointed.I really like them,and cant wait to get them long again.I painted them Jetstream by China Glaze,with china glazes strong adhesion base coat underneath.I used 3 coats of Jetstream because it's a very soft pink and frosty.
not perfect yet.still need more length to get a more pointed shape.
as usual my camera not doing justice.the pnky has a slight purple tint to it.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ebay wins

Been meaning to post my ebay wins and keep forgetting.So here is what I won.
This cute apron sewing pattern book.Not sure if I like it or not.I think I was expecting more from seemed bigger on ebay.Here is whats inside.
1950's capris,shorts,and cigarette pants pattern.I have had my eye on these a while.I won another pattern but it was a seller in the UK so hubby has it.
Hubby won me this lovely dress.I can't wait to get it.
up close of the print.Love it.I think they are poppys.Thank you hubby.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Blonde Bombshell

Today had a pretty boring day.Especially with the rumor of it being the end of the world today.Ha ha.So while waiting a friend posted a video clip and asked to spot her.It was a clip from the movie The Blonde Bombshell the Diana Dors story.While trying to find my friend in the beginning clip she posted it was a long clip and found myself glued to the story.It was a UK film so that would explain why I didnt know about since I was hooked on it now, I went to youtube and decided to watch the full legnth film.Of course it's in sections but I saw a few of my friends in it and it was a really great movie.So here is the first clip to get everyone glued.I think you were really enjoy it.This woman was definatley a bombshell who worked to her dying breath.Enjoy

Friday, May 20, 2011


Almost forgot.When hubby and I got to our room in Vegas.He had goodies in his bag for me from my mam in law and his sisters.Be lated was excited when I opened my gifts of girlie goodies.Here is what recieved,and I am excited they know what I love.
This big box was heavy.By soap and glory.
Inside look
Mmmm lovely body butter,and body wash.The body wash I used every night in vegas after getting back to our room with sore tootsies from my heels.I made a nice bubble bath with it.And this stuff made wonderful bubbles.
cute satin shower or sleep cap.I dont use shower caps so this will be good if I sleep in my rollers.
This little gift a make up bag with girlie stuff
Impulse body spray and shower gel.they smell so nice.I think it smells like roses.My favorite sent as everyone
The little make up bag.I needed a new one too.
too cute to braclet
close person it's very sparkly and prettier.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Simply Simlpicity

I am so excited.I was ebaying about a week ago and found a highwaist pants and skirt suit pattern.So put it on my watch list.As I was looking at what other patterns the seller had I thought to myself.I wonder if simplicty has this retro pattern,since the pattern I had my eye on was by simplicity.So wrote down the ebay pattern number that was on the package in the photo and went to their site and was excited to see the pattern I had my eye on and a second one .They were about $10.00 each.So I said yay I can order when I decide to get them.well during the weekend my other pattern arrived that I had gotten on ebay.And I thought about the simplicity patterns and thought I better order them before I end up forgetting.So went on the site Saturday and was in shock that the patterns had dropped to $5.99.You know that means they are probably discontinuing them.So I ordered them both even though they are almost the are a few photos. cant wait to go fabric shopping.I bought the AA sizes 10 through 18.they also make plus sizes.Here is the link so you can also try to get them before they are gone.

I typed 1940's in their search bar once on the site.
This is the pattern I found on ebay origionally.It is also available on the Simplicity site.This is the one I ordered on saturday and arrived today.
Close up of whats inside.
This is their other pattern on the site.Had to have it.I saw the playsuit on the left and was very excited.
Closeup of the palysuit.sorry for the blurr.Crap camera with close ups.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The little Blouse

Got this cute little blouse where I work,along with the braclet,and earrings.The blouse is see through so need a camisole to wear under it.Isn't it cute?
Love the print
The lace is so cute
Lucite braclet

Sunday, May 15, 2011

2 years as Mrs H.

Today is my 2nd wedding anniversary.May 15,2009.We got married at the court house in Wilmington NC.We only knew each other from online about 3 months and had never met .I know that sounds scarey,silly or crazy to people.But I don't regret anything.It was the best thing to happen to me.And him being from England makes it more special that he was that far away and I found my pete.I believe we are soul mates.My grandmother was named Yolanda,and my grandfather was named Peter.My dad is named Peter and of course hubby.My grandfather made my grandmother Yolanda a braclet from a silver dollar that says Yolanda and Pete on it in two hearts.It's really tiny and my dad passed it to me when his dad passed away.My gran passed while my dad was in vietnam and way before I was born.So This braclet is very special to me.When my husband and I got engaged I was at work and the braclet popped in my head and my heart dropped and I went into a panic cuz I couldn't remember where I had put the braclet.So I drove all the way to south carolina on that sunday and went to my storage to find it.And there it was in a box I spotted through the hole it had in it.It was like it was waiting for me.I was so excited I put it on straight away.Called my sweet pete.I think the way my husband and I met and this braclet was destiny and nothing can tell me otherwise.Anyway here are some wedding photos and a small video of that day.the video cuts off during my camera ran out of memory.But at least I have it.Happy Anniversary to my hubby from his little wife.xxxx
The Yolanda and Pete braclet frm my grandfather to my grandmother,made in 1941,these braclets were made by soldiers for thier girl when they had to leave.I have seen some in antique stores.But none as pretty as mine.
Grandmother Yolanda and Grandfather Peter.
the next Yolanda and Peter
We were cutting the cake here.He is about to get
Hee hee here it comes
He said they don't do this in England so the shock on his face is totally real.
Hubbys only way to shut me

My ring.I wear a 3 1/2 wich is about the size of a baby pinky wearing my grans braclet.I have never taken it off since I found it again.And it reminds me that true love does exist no matter how long it takes and how you find that person.
wedding kisses