Sunday, May 15, 2011

2 years as Mrs H.

Today is my 2nd wedding anniversary.May 15,2009.We got married at the court house in Wilmington NC.We only knew each other from online about 3 months and had never met .I know that sounds scarey,silly or crazy to people.But I don't regret anything.It was the best thing to happen to me.And him being from England makes it more special that he was that far away and I found my pete.I believe we are soul mates.My grandmother was named Yolanda,and my grandfather was named Peter.My dad is named Peter and of course hubby.My grandfather made my grandmother Yolanda a braclet from a silver dollar that says Yolanda and Pete on it in two hearts.It's really tiny and my dad passed it to me when his dad passed away.My gran passed while my dad was in vietnam and way before I was born.So This braclet is very special to me.When my husband and I got engaged I was at work and the braclet popped in my head and my heart dropped and I went into a panic cuz I couldn't remember where I had put the braclet.So I drove all the way to south carolina on that sunday and went to my storage to find it.And there it was in a box I spotted through the hole it had in it.It was like it was waiting for me.I was so excited I put it on straight away.Called my sweet pete.I think the way my husband and I met and this braclet was destiny and nothing can tell me otherwise.Anyway here are some wedding photos and a small video of that day.the video cuts off during my camera ran out of memory.But at least I have it.Happy Anniversary to my hubby from his little wife.xxxx
The Yolanda and Pete braclet frm my grandfather to my grandmother,made in 1941,these braclets were made by soldiers for thier girl when they had to leave.I have seen some in antique stores.But none as pretty as mine.
Grandmother Yolanda and Grandfather Peter.
the next Yolanda and Peter
We were cutting the cake here.He is about to get
Hee hee here it comes
He said they don't do this in England so the shock on his face is totally real.
Hubbys only way to shut me

My ring.I wear a 3 1/2 wich is about the size of a baby pinky wearing my grans braclet.I have never taken it off since I found it again.And it reminds me that true love does exist no matter how long it takes and how you find that person.
wedding kisses


  1. Happy Anniversary! That bracelet is so lovely, What a cute story.

  2. Thank you.Feels like we have been married