Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Blonde Bombshell

Today had a pretty boring day.Especially with the rumor of it being the end of the world today.Ha ha.So while waiting a friend posted a video clip and asked to spot her.It was a clip from the movie The Blonde Bombshell the Diana Dors story.While trying to find my friend in the beginning clip she posted it was a long clip and found myself glued to the story.It was a UK film so that would explain why I didnt know about since I was hooked on it now, I went to youtube and decided to watch the full legnth film.Of course it's in sections but I saw a few of my friends in it and it was a really great movie.So here is the first clip to get everyone glued.I think you were really enjoy it.This woman was definatley a bombshell who worked to her dying breath.Enjoy

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