Monday, May 23, 2011

Ebay wins

Been meaning to post my ebay wins and keep forgetting.So here is what I won.
This cute apron sewing pattern book.Not sure if I like it or not.I think I was expecting more from seemed bigger on ebay.Here is whats inside.
1950's capris,shorts,and cigarette pants pattern.I have had my eye on these a while.I won another pattern but it was a seller in the UK so hubby has it.
Hubby won me this lovely dress.I can't wait to get it.
up close of the print.Love it.I think they are poppys.Thank you hubby.


  1. Ooooo love the fabric on the dress your hubby won you! How lovely!

    You just HAVE to make the Southern Bell and the Hollywood apron! They look fab! xxx

  2. I love that dressmaking pattern, I bet that style of pants will look fabulous on you. xxx

  3. I know the patterns for the aprons are so cute.Need to do some fabric shopping.I am dying for my dress.cant wait to wear as long as it

  4. Fabulous, Can't wait to see the pattern made up !

  5. hee hee jaede i should bring it over to you to help

  6. That dress is so cute! What a sweet hubby!


  7. love the patterns and dress print so pretty,cant wait to see it on you.