Friday, May 20, 2011


Almost forgot.When hubby and I got to our room in Vegas.He had goodies in his bag for me from my mam in law and his sisters.Be lated was excited when I opened my gifts of girlie goodies.Here is what recieved,and I am excited they know what I love.
This big box was heavy.By soap and glory.
Inside look
Mmmm lovely body butter,and body wash.The body wash I used every night in vegas after getting back to our room with sore tootsies from my heels.I made a nice bubble bath with it.And this stuff made wonderful bubbles.
cute satin shower or sleep cap.I dont use shower caps so this will be good if I sleep in my rollers.
This little gift a make up bag with girlie stuff
Impulse body spray and shower gel.they smell so nice.I think it smells like roses.My favorite sent as everyone
The little make up bag.I needed a new one too.
too cute to braclet
close person it's very sparkly and prettier.


  1. Mmmm that lovely treats. I remember when the Soap & Glory Big Thrill hat box came out last year sometime.. I really really wanted to get it but it had sold out so quickly!

    Sometimes I'm tempted to just buy the empty hat box from eBay as it's so pretty and I could really use it to store all my nail polish!

    Pretty blingy bracelet! xxx

  2. I think i am going to use the box for my flowers for now and the lid for clips or rollers.I didnt know what was in there when i got it and it was heavy.i thought when i left vegas my case was going to be to heavy and get

  3. Soap and Glory smells divine, how sweet of them to send to all these treat.