Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hula hula

Went out earlier to specifically go to a sewing store for two patterns put out by Simplicity and couldnt find the store.So on the way home pondered should I go to an antique store or salvation army.Decided on the salvation army cuz I knew in an antique store I would have been really bad .Our salvation army didn't have anything vintage from what I saw maybe a vanity chair but didnt need it so browsed the clothes.Nothing special in the shoe section or nick nacks.but got lucky on this dress.It isn't vintage but it was to cute to pass up and as usual my camera doesnt do it justice.It fits perfect and looks better on than on the hanger.I dont think this dress has ever been worn more than fading at all and not tears or stains thank goodness.The dress is made by Jessica Howard.
Also found this cute bags.I noticed the handles first on the rack and then fell for the bag.this will be so cute with my chinese dress.
Total puchase for the dress and bag $5.98.Hell

1 comment:

  1. Love the print on the dress, very Hawaiian!

    The bag is awesome! The handles are quite bizarre! Good finds!