Thursday, May 12, 2011

Lovely Rita

Been looking through my photos and came across my pin up photos I did.Sometimes I miss my little hobby.I came across my Rita Hayworth sets.So thought I would share them.They are about 7 or 8 years old I think.I am obsessed with Rita Hayworth and when I did pin up I wanted to recreate some of my favorite photos of her.So here they are.And I can say it was very hard trying to do exact poses.Especially the one with my hand under my chin.The photos of Rita looked so easy but trying to copy someones pose was diffult who would have known.But they were so much fun and I think I may do some again soon.Enjoy everyone.
My favorite of Rita
My recreation
Rita is so pretty
Me bigger
me needed my shoulder to my chin.
So glamorous
This one I really want to do with hubby.It reminds me of us so much and I have had this pic saved forever.So has anyone ever re created their favorate movie star?


  1. Great pictures, you are gorgeous and did a amazing job creating similar pics.
    I haven't tried re-creating yet... but I am not gonna say I never will. hehe A girl has got to have a little fun!!!