Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Newly Shaped Cat Claws

I have always had long nails.and I always kept them square shaped.not sure have long nail beds but the shape can either be square or rounded.Since cutting them to my finger tips when they reached thier max length.They have finally got some length back and I decided to cut the corners and shape them more rounded and pointed.I really like them,and cant wait to get them long again.I painted them Jetstream by China Glaze,with china glazes strong adhesion base coat underneath.I used 3 coats of Jetstream because it's a very soft pink and frosty.
not perfect yet.still need more length to get a more pointed shape.
as usual my camera not doing justice.the pnky has a slight purple tint to it.


  1. Your nails look nice!
    I have been for the most part always been painting my nails red. I used to have them longer but lately that is not working out due to finding vintage bicycles and cleaning them up. *lol* It really takes a beating on the nails. I hope to get them a little longer and keep them french tipped for awhile. I always loved the look of french tipped nails.

  2. I usually wear red too.but thought it would show my filing boo boo''m not used to these light pink shades.maybe cuz they are short right they need a decal or some sparkly do dads on now that that are short if i dont keep them painted my nails chip in the middle.also had have a nail brush cuz with them short the dirt gets under them.Ewwwwww.I am constantly washing my hands.when they are long the dirt doesnt get under them.If there is one thing that will bug me is

  3. You have the best nails, mine keep breaking.