Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rita Hayworth Sunday

Have my Sunday of cleaning and doing laundrey while watching my favorite Rita Hayworth movies.Since my DVD player is in storage I am watching them on my computer.Dropped my comp a few months ago and every once in a while my DVD's wont play.So far it's being nice.I guess it likes Rita.Lol.Was browsing photos of her and came across this.I will have to see if I can find one.How cool would it be to have The Rita Hayworth coloring book?
I will be on a hunt for adorable.
Not sure by the photo,but looks like a Rita Hayworth paper doll book.How cool.

Right now I am watching Gilda.Here is a teaser trailer.Enjoy.Hope everyone had a nice weekend and is havng a nice


  1. I love Rita - oh my those books look amazing!! Scarlett x

  2. Rita coloring books are so pretty,I love to to color.

  3. Could you please post here a full printable version of the Rita Hayworth Coloring Book?