Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Simply Simlpicity

I am so excited.I was ebaying about a week ago and found a highwaist pants and skirt suit pattern.So put it on my watch list.As I was looking at what other patterns the seller had I thought to myself.I wonder if simplicty has this retro pattern,since the pattern I had my eye on was by simplicity.So wrote down the ebay pattern number that was on the package in the photo and went to their site and was excited to see the pattern I had my eye on and a second one .They were about $10.00 each.So I said yay I can order when I decide to get them.well during the weekend my other pattern arrived that I had gotten on ebay.And I thought about the simplicity patterns and thought I better order them before I end up forgetting.So went on the site Saturday and was in shock that the patterns had dropped to $5.99.You know that means they are probably discontinuing them.So I ordered them both even though they are almost the are a few photos. cant wait to go fabric shopping.I bought the AA sizes 10 through 18.they also make plus sizes.Here is the link so you can also try to get them before they are gone.

I typed 1940's in their search bar once on the site.
This is the pattern I found on ebay origionally.It is also available on the Simplicity site.This is the one I ordered on saturday and arrived today.
Close up of whats inside.
This is their other pattern on the site.Had to have it.I saw the playsuit on the left and was very excited.
Closeup of the palysuit.sorry for the blurr.Crap camera with close ups.

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