Sunday, May 1, 2011

Viva Part 1 Friday

Sorry I am taking so long with My VLV 14 experiance.Been laying around doing nothing since getting back.Guess the Vegas bubble has finally a great time.So many people and soooo busy.from Friday to Monday.I arrived in Vegas Thursday at about 730pm vegas time.My friend Jaede picked me up from the airport and we went to her house and hung out till hubby arrived from England with the we met them at the Orleans.I will do my blog posts in parts with photos.And one of what goodies I bought.which wasn't much cuz I was broke as hell and everything was very expensive.But it was ok.I really had a great time with my hubby and friends and meeting new ones.We are planning next year and this time will be more organised.Stay tuned
taken sunday by the pool.
Friday night 1:45 am my hubbys band the Sureshots.I hated they were on so late.My little aching feet were not very happy.
From back stage.Yeah I went and sat down away from everyones shoving and big heads in my
me trying to win.I was unlucky the whole
Wanda,Luna,me and Jaede,taken by http://www.drunkrockers/ .com.Check their site to see if your there.Lots of fun rocking pics there.
The photographer gave us each a card and a do hicky thingy.I put mine on a key
My program and wrist band.Inside this book is every day planned out.Very nice to have to keep from missing your favorite bands and other things going on each day.


  1. You girls look great, love your pink key chain.
    cute pic of you gambling.

  2. need to be with us next year.Just like us they love to shop.We would have had a shopping