Thursday, May 5, 2011

VLV Saturday Night Rockin Jerry Lee Lewis

Hubby and I went to the car show Saturday evening to see the amazing cars and Jerry Lee Lewis.Jerry Lee Lewis was amazing.He can still rock the crowd.His sister Linda played first with her daughter Annie.very good as well.And I got to enjoy it all back stage.even though it was hard to take pics.It sure was nice not to be in the crowd being stepped on or blocked by someones big here are some pics I was able to get of the Killer.Security was big ol meanies,when i went to get a pic from front stage they said i had to sit to take the pics.If I sat i would be able to see him cuz I am to short,plus the seats were taken by greedy press people so had to
Going up to the stage
from back stage.had a hard time getting close ups.
security said when I was trying to get where the stage was that I had to sit if I was going to be up front.I had to squat cuz the seats were taken and I didnt want to be the egg head in front of
See what I mean?damn block head in my way.
On his way to see the his nurse Judith behind him.

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