Thursday, May 5, 2011

VLV Saturday Shopping part 2

Later in the afternoon hubby was parched so we went to the Aligator bar to meet my friend Jaede and her hubby.we were leaving the men behind and going back up stairs to shop more.I couldnt do much but sure had fun oohing and always brings a tape measure so when we find skirts or pants and wonder the waist size we get correct measure.I should of taken pics of this cuz she kept whipping the tape measure had to of course head to the Male Detroit Vintage stall.Lovely things if you do pin up or burlesque.I love seemed stocking but really hate paying $50.00 and up for something that if you get one little snag they are ruined.Well I was in heaven when I found these babies.
I have been after red seamed stockings for a very long time now and was so excited to find some.Also some seamed hose.
when I found these I noticed it was the last pair they had.And thought wonder if it's really red seamed.sometimes the packaging isnt whats inside.I asked the guy ad he said they weren't red so my heart sank and I put them back.then thought about them and wondered maybe they asked if I could open them.He said I could and when I saw these were red seamed I put the life grip on them.I got them for $ 8.00.Legs Avenue.weeeee.
Saw alot of girls with these seamed hose on and thought the seam is a little wide I still love them.I had worn my black seamed stockings the night before,with my garter belt and go figure that had to be the night that I had to pee every 5 minutes cuz of all the boy is that fun with a garter I hate open toed shoes with seamed stockings that have the cuban heel.It just looks funny not being able to see your pretty painted toes with an open toed here is a pic.I really love these.They were $10.00.Think I did good in the stocking department.They have everything and great prices so check them out.
Well thats all I bought un fortunatley.Sucked my pay day came after VLV so couldn't shop like I wanted but the main thing was being with my husband.

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  1. I love the red cuban ones stockings and the black seamed ones too. so sexy.